Alternatives To Cable TV: Apple TV

Starting with the Apple II, continuing on to the iPod, and progressing to the iPhone Apple has been the leader in creating revolutionary technology for decades. Now they are continuing this trend with the Apple TV streaming media player. This device brings the same features we have come to expect from Apple for decades. The Apple TV provides access to most of the top media apps available like Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube. Combine that with the way Apple TV seamlessly integrates with iTunes allowing you play all of your downloaded music and video through your television, as well as integrate it with all of the other Apple devices in your Apple ecosystem. These features make one of the alternatives to cable TV: Apple TV worth considering for anyone that has decided to get rid of cable.

The Good
The selection of channels on Apple TV is pretty decent hitting most of the major ones like Netflix, Hulu+, HBO Go, and others. Additionally you can download and watch or listen to anything available on the iTunes store as well as your personal iTunes library. The interface is extremely easy to read and navigate so it won’t be difficult to find what you are looking for.

Apple TV can also quickly use home sharing in order to connect to your MAC/iPhone/iPod Touch and playback the video with AirPlay technology. The software also includes reliable iCloud support, which can allow you to look into all of your photos through the Photo Stream. You can also stream music from the iCloud with your iTunes subscription, and apersonalization feature can allow you to use one of your photographs as the screensaver for the device.

The Bad
Apple TV provides you with the quality you have come to expect from Apple products but it is not without its flaws. The Apple TV misses a few channels and services that some people may want. Channels like Amazon Prime and Pandora Radio are pretty glaring omissions that are motivated by business rather than user experience. Furthermore, unlike Roku 3 you can’t add any channels other than those Apple provides the device making its customization options virtually non-existent; essentially it is Apple’s way or the highway.

Some people like the slim remote control but I found that it is so small and thin that it is difficult to manipulate and easy to lose. It also doesn’t have a clear home button so for a long time I thought you had to press the menu button several times in order to get back to the main menu; it was only by accident that I ended up discovering that holding down the menu button would end up taking you back to the home screen. This was probably in the instruction manual, but who reads those?

With my Apple TV I found that it was just generally unreliable. I will be watching a program and it will randomly just go back to the main menu. No error, no warning or freezing just one minute in the middle of an episode of True Blood the next minute the main menu, which is already frustrating but even more so when you realize it has no recollection of where you were and you have to fast forward to pick up where you left off. Playback in general is just not very smooth and it seems like it has a weak WiFi receiver as it will constantly pause to buffer or freeze and say it cannot play the currently selected product. The Roku 3 in the same place, in the same room, playing the same content did not have these issues, and a Google search shows that it is a very common complaint with no solutions other than “Reboot the device” or “Upgrade the firmware”.

If you are someone that owns numerous Apple devices and are committed to the Apple ecosystem Apple TV will easily integrate with everything else. With Airplay, iTunes, and home sharing you will have more than enough access to all of your Apple device content and if that is what is important to you then you will probably enjoy the Apple TV as an alternative to cable TV. However in my opinion that is the one, and only one place the Apple TV is better than the Roku 3. The Roku 3 gives you a better channel selection, a more functional remote control, and more reliable performance… all for a lower price. If you are looking for alternatives to cable TV: Apple TV can play content from your media servers is the device for you but overall I just can’t recommend it and suggest you spend your money on a second Roku 3 instead.

The Best Laptop Repair Services

Laptops have greatly increased convenience particularly when it comes to work. Compared to the not-so-portable desktops, you can easily carry it wherever you travel. It is also now possible to access and share information on the go. All these factors have greatly increased our dependability on this piece of technology and that is why when it breaks down we are a stuck in a real soup.

Given their frequent use, it is normal for a laptop to slow down or get damaged over time. There are a few laptop problems you can troubleshoot without professional help, but for the serious ones it is best to call in a professional to avoid interfering with the software or damaging the hardware any further.

Common Laptop Problems

A laptop might encounter several problems during its run. Here’s a list of the common ones.

· A problem with the power connection often resulting in a flickering screen

· A cracked screen or damaged LCD backlight

· Poor image display

· Hard drive failure

· The battery won’t charge

· The laptop won’t boot

· Broken or missing keyboard keys

· Damaged USB ports

· Data corruption and malware attacks

· Problems with the motherboard

· Overheating issues causing the device to shutdown automatically

Choosing the Best Laptop Repair Services

Laptop repairs can end up being quite a pricey affair depending on the problem. And, with an inexperienced professional you can expect the prices to increase further without the problem being resolved. Hence, taking the time to choose a knowledgeable professional is important.

The best laptop repair service on the market is one that combines expert and reliable services with a reasonable cost and a quick turnaround time. You should do your research to find a well-informed and experienced professional with the right skills. You can look up the classifieds in the local newspaper or online classifieds. You can also ask friends for recommendations.

After you short list a few, make sure you do a background check. This involves reading reviews by past customers. Most service providers have a website today where they display customer testimonials. You can give the repair service provider a call and discuss the potential issues with your laptop. At the same time, you can ask for a quote on the job. When discussing the problem with a professional, you should try to be as detailed as possible. This helps them to be more accurate with their diagnosis and ball park an accurate cost figure too.

Going for experience over cost is important because an experienced service professional has the ability to deal with laptops of different make and models.

Service professionals also differ in their method of operation. A few might attend to and try troubleshooting your problems over the internet while others might visit you onsite to solve your PC problems. Selected laptop repair services also arrange for your laptop to be collected from your home and deposited at their center where it is repaired.

Other Precautionary Measures

On the whole, you should do your bit to reduce laptop downtime by maintaining it well. This includes cleaning it externally as well as filtering the internal system by deleting unused programs and unwanted files and folders periodically. You should also have the latest antivirus program installed on your system to protect it from malware and virus attacks.

IT-Ziggy Services is a computer and laptop repair service based in Manchester, UK. Our team of highly qualified and experienced professionals can help resolve major PC and laptop problems efficiently and affordable.

What’s VPS Hosting?

VPS is an abbreviation standing for Virtual Private Server. The VPS server copies a dedicated server inside a shared hosting environment. It’s technically both dedicated hosting and shared hosting.

VPS hosting is among the numerous web hosting accounts that you may choose from so as to host your website online. You require having your website files on some web server so as to have a website on the net. Establishing and managing a server may not only be expensive, but it’s also difficult. Buying a web hosting lets you rent some space on the web server. This makes it simpler for average person to possess a website online since all they have to do is to upload their site files. There are different kinds of web hosting accounts:

· Shared Hosting

· VPS Hosting

· Dedicated Server Hosting

All the above three are similar since they all provide you a web server to help you run your web site on. However, they are different because of how they are set up, features they provide and level of customization that you may have with each one.

How does VPS Hosting Work?

The technology that’s behind VPS is the same to that of Virtual Bo x or VMware. These programs let you run different virtualized operating systems on a single machine. For instance, your desktop might be running Windows 7. However, you are also able to run other types of operating systems like Linux or Windows XP without having to restart the computer.

What are the advantages of VPS Hosting?

VPS servers provide you the benefits of shared hosting, while at the same time it provides you with more control and power like dedicated server.

Since you do not share your OS with someone else, you have no other websites on your server which have access to your files.

With VPS server, you possess your own Operating System. It also implies that you possess your own instances of server applications like PHP and Apache.

When installing server applications requiring system restart, you may do so at all times. Even though you technically share server with other VPS servers, yours may be restarted without affecting others.

On VPS Server, you possess dedicated amounts of available RAM at any time. Unlike the shared hosting, there’s no one else, on your server, which may use the entire RAM when you require it most!

VPS Server Management

All VPS servers come with cPanel Optimised, for free. It means you may easily manage domains, upload files, secure your server and perform several other tasks so as to help keep your server smoothly running.

My Second Favorite Gmail Plugin

My favorite Gmail plugin is Boomerang for Gmail. Boomerang Calendar is my second favorite and I use it nearly every day. It makes scheduling easier, right inside Gmail. Here are some highlights:

See your schedule while you read your email and add events to your calendar without leaving Gmail.

Boomerang Calendar identifies event information as you read your email. It automatically highlights dates and times in the message with information about whether or not you can attend. If the event text is green, you’re all clear. Yellow, you have an adjacent event. Red means you have a conflict. No need to switch over to your calendar to check.

The best part? Your friends and colleagues can write messages using whatever language they like. Boomerang Calendar understands what you mean, whether you type “Monday at 2pm” or “4/14 at noon”. It even understands time zones, so if you’re in Paris, “PDT” will mean the right thing.

Boomerang Calendar provides another significant enhancement over adding events the old fashioned way. If you add an event, you can check a box to automatically send reminder emails the morning of the meeting, or a couple of hours beforehand. You can also bring the original email back to the top of your Inbox when it’s time to head out. You’ll be more organized, and everyone will be more likely to make it to the meeting.

I use this feature all the time. Think about when you sign up for a webinar and get the confirmation email with all the details. Now I can put this on my calendar with one click. Cool!

Emails that schedule and confirm meetings in one step.

You know how it goes: you try to set up a meeting, then 6 emails of scheduling back-and-forth later, someone ends up at the wrong coffee shop. Boomerang Calendar includes an interactive interface that simplifies the entire scheduling process (proposal and confirmation) to a single email.

To confirm the meeting, your recipient clicks one of the proposed times and the appointment is added to everyone’s calendar – no additional action by you required! The visual availability features work regardless of whether the recipient opens your email on a phone, in Outlook, or anywhere else – they don’t need to be using Gmail or Boomerang Calendar.

This feature rocks! It saves so much time emailing back and forth to find a good time for a meeting or call.

Cross-timezone scheduling.

If your business is anything like mine, you’re scheduling meetings with people in other time zones all the time. If you’re scheduling a meeting with someone on a different coast (or continent), you can now see both timezones next to each other while suggesting times to meet. You’ll know immediately what the best time is for a call between London and San Francisco, or Bangalore and Miami.

Don’t Miss Out Anything With Screen Capture Software

You need not waste your time trying to copy or paste images in an attempt to capture screen shots. As the brand new screen record software from Movavi, Screen Capture Softwarecan make it similar for you can also create your own demonstration videos or tutorial videos using this software. This Movavi tool offers you maximum frequency of 60 fpi.

While recording your favorite screens choosing the preferred codec adjust the setting of the audio to make your screen capture look professional and smooth you can also create a collection of online videos by recording your discoveries on social media platform impressive Webinars and exiting videos call. You have with friends and much more interesting stuff. If you love online games and have crossed the score record created by your friend, record your winning movements in full screen and high speed without any pixel loss and share it with your friends. If you have a flair for singing or playing a musical instruments share your talent to the world with Screen Capture Software by recording it in clear cut high quality sound or converts them in to an audio file.

This Screen Capture Software from Movavi helps you to record any video in full screen for your PC or ignore it while recording the video; you can also choose any frame with speed per second, use hotkeys etc. In short, you can transform a frame as a graphic file adjusted a click of a mouse.

The easy to use simple interface of this Movavi software prepares the screen accordingly and records any online video, games or other screens on your desktop in a jiffy.